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E36 UUC exhaust fitment issues

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Hey all, I’d just like say that before I begin, the exhaust is fully installed and currently problem free, but I just wanted to tell everyone about the problems I had while installing it.
First of all, the exhaust is the UUC SystemU catback with DTM tips.(the newest version, version 2 I think?) And I am installing it on my 1999 328ic.
The first problem was that it was not packaged well at all, it only had 2 little air bag things on the pipes to protect them, which didn’t work because there’s a big dent in the muffler, and a small chip out of one of the tips, neither of which really affect anything, they aren’t noticeable.
Now the first issue I had with fitment, was that the pipes on the catback totally didn’t line up with the pipes coming from the cats, so I had to forcefully push them together to get them to line up, which took forever.
Second issue was that the pipes were hitting a bolt coming down the body of the car, which was causing INSANE vibrations into the cabin, and was keeping the pipes from being tucked up properly, which was why I could barely line up the pipes. So I had to grind that bolt from the body halfway down with a dremel, and then the pipes fit way better and it didn’t look like it was being pushed down.
Now the last issue I had was hanging the muffler, I know there are 2 different mounting points for the rubber hangers, both of them didn’t line up with the muffler, so I had to take one of those old “clamps” that go around the muffler on the factory exhaust and connect to the hanger, and drill out the seized bolt that was in there. I then put that clamp over the bolt coming from the body where the rubber hanger would have gone, and the hole on the bottom lined up nice enough with the muffler.
So now the muffler has a bolt through the old clamp from the old exhaust as the hanger on the drivers side.
That’s all, the exhaust looks and sounds great now, burbles like crazy under 2.5k and I really recommend it, even though the fitment might be iffy.
I also wanna hear anyone else’s story who has installed this exhaust.
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