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E39 2000 528it Wagon: Silver Sled (Los Angeles/so-cal) $9,200 obo

Up for sale is my trusty 2000 528it with 93xxx miles

Reason for sale: need to pull a trailer, not a good idea with a sport wagon!

2000 528it, silver with black leather interior. 93xxx miles,
and it has recently had service II completed at GT motorsport in los angeles (all
receipts available, GT motorsport is the only place we take our bmws
(we are also enthusiasts (two e30s one e46 and my e39)). The car has
the sport package, but no other packages (no premium, so there are no
parking sensors, no heated seats, no electric window shades and no digital sound nonsense). Transmission is a 5spd automatic. :thumbup:

Internally: I have personally replaced the vanos seal on this car. All
of the double vanos motors suffer from degraded seals, and mine was
not exception. When I removed the original seals they were completely
shot, which is why the motor's timing would not advance. Since it has
been replaced, the motor never hunts for idle on cold starts, the
torque has significantly improved, and the mpg has decreased. To
further mpg, I have also replaced (as opposed to cleaned) the MAF
sensor, both 02 sensors and all spark plugs in the last 18 months. The
sport package on this car included the air suspension in the rear,
meaning that the back end rises with airbags to level the car when
carrying a heavy load in the trunk. I had a leak in one airbag,
causing the car to essentially touch the ground when I came to start
it in the mornings. While I was down there, I replaced both airbags,
and she now only inflates in response to placing heavy objects in the
trunk (i.e. perfect!). Brakes were recently done at GT motorsport,
using all factory parts. I installed a new iginition switch when some lights would start going on when I opened the driver shade (new switch cured all gremlins).
New tensioners and pulleys were installed about 2 years ago at avus motorsport (before I found GT), and while they were "in there" they replaced a cooling hose. That's about it for the internals. I
personally change the oil with mobil 1 0-40 every 5k miles.

Now for the externals/extras: The original owner replaced the
headlights with factory 2000 m5 headlights. These do not have "angel
eyes" they are the "classic" e39. It also has am m5 bumper which is
more of a curse than anything else, as it is quite low, so you must
exert extreme caution when parking so as not to make the bumper go
over the parking stop. The car does not have the factory bmw 528it
wheels, instead it has the 2000 540it sport package wheels. These are
staggered 17" rims, so wider in the rear than the front. New tires
installed I would say in the last 8k miles, but I would need to check.
All tires were installed at costco, she has factory pilot's up front,
and some softer bridgestone tires in the rear.

All windows (save the windshield) have a mild tint, which do not
preserve anonymity, but rather keep the heat out. I have removed the
6-cd changer from the trunk (I still have it if you would like it) and
have replaced it with an ice ipod adapter (you plug your ipod in at
the front of the car, and control it using the steering wheel
commands, and you can read the display on the e39 factory stereo).
I have also thrown away the original nokia subwoofer, and replaced it
with a unit from bavarian soundworks. The subwoofer is entirely
concealed in the factory spot for it, and it is rather modest... I did
not want to replace all of the factory paper speakers, so instead, the
subwoofer takes responsibility for all of the base, and the factory
speakers handle everything else... works quite well, and ran me $500
instead of replacing all the speakers which would have been closer to

I am also including a bmw sunvisor for the windshield (the windshield
is huge, only the bmw visor fits), and bmw all weather weather floor
mats and cargo liner (heavy rubber, I still have the factory carpet
ones as well).

Externally, the car does get waxed about once every 2 months and it is
washed regularly. I am not a paint maniac, so I do take it to a car
wash. The car has two small dings from other people opening their car
doors into mine (I am aware of 1, but I say two, as I am sure you can
find one another if you look hard enough). The rear bumper was in
perfect shape physically, with one small set of paint ships from a
careless parallel parker (aka the wife). Front bumper is showing its age a bit more,
as I do not have a bra on it, so it has chips from crs in front of
mine projecting small stones.

Ok, this is it for now, pictures to follow soon.

Asking: $9,200 OBO Car is ready to go, clean title, fresh brakes, fresh tires, and looking sharp!

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Nice car and I think your priced pretty good. Do you have it listed on craigs list? where is GT Motorsports? Good luck with the sale

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Nice car and I think your priced pretty good. Do you have it listed on craigs list? where is GT Motorsports? Good luck with the sale
She is on craigslist. GT is between the 405 and santa monica off of olympic. Hands down the best bmw shop in LA. I used to drive over an hour to go to another shop, then I found GT in my backyard... they have customers from SAn Diego!

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i wanna buy a 6 cyl touring so badly.....but i can't justify it till my DD camry no longer runs...and with 220k miles its still running strong...which is a good thing....but that means i can't buy another car yet :) great car though! and good luck with the sale!

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I would love to buy this car to replace my 4Runner - Though I just bought a 330Cic from one of the guys on the 'Fest - so we'll have to wait it out.. Good Luck with the sale... Hey guys - At 93 k - all the issues would have presented themselves in a car like this - It should be smooth sailing for 40K+ miles at least!!!

IMHO - You should be able to get more than $9200 for this RARE car!

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Hey would you consider selling the CD Changer separately? I have an '03 540 and I'm pretty sure it would fit... Let me know!
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