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E39 2001 whike smoke billowing out of exhaust

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:) Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum and frankly grateful to have found this group forum and hopefully gain some knowledge in the current problem I am having with my bmw.

I have a pristine 2001 E39 M-pack and she has been going like a dream, kilometers are currently approximately 230,000 however these are predominantly highway klm's.
My inspection light on my dash went from the last green block to an amber one approximately 2-3 weeks ago but as I was doing minimal short distance driving I didn't take too much attention and was going to book her in for a diagnostic and service. However 3 days ago I started the engine she was pretty cold, a little bit lumpy but only for 10 seconds or so and this white smoke was billowing out of my exhaust pipe. The engine feels tight, no knocks or rattles but these thick plumes of billowing smoke are not dissipating. I have done a little research of my own regarding ccv/pcv??? I am wondering if anyone can assist and possibly help me with diagnosis and costs? Prior to going to my mechanic.. Does this damage the engine, could it be something totally different from the aforementioned ccv/pcv ?

Thanks in advance, I look forward hopefully to some advice. Have a wonderful day/night, depending on your time zone :) Cheers
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i think the oil separator is leaking, usually not visible and hard to reach (i suggest ask mech to check it).. the smoke comes from oil puddle in each spark plugs which can kill both spark plug and coil, later will make your engine shake
How long have you had the car? If your plumes of smoke are not disipating, you may have an advanced form of CCV failure. If it gets bad, it can hyrdolock your engine, which is fatal. Get this fixed soon!
Usually you just get occasional plumes of exhaust smoke. Have you experienced increased oil consumption? Do you drive short distances in cold weather? These indicate or contribute to CCV failure.
It is a doable DIY but not easy, due to lack of access. I would guessestimate labor to install is between 2-5 hrs (it took me about 10 hrs. total). Search for the DIY on this forum.
Check oil and coolant levels.

Usually if the exhaust smoke is blue-ish, the engine is burning oil, and a failed CCV can be the culprit.

If the smoke is more like white steam, the engine is burning coolant and you possibly have a leaking head gasket. For this you'd also want to check if your coolant has any signs of oil in it, and vice-versa.
Start with the ccv. I have an 01' 540i that I recently changed the CCV. Everything seemed fine until last week....plumes of smoke at start up again. They look more white than blue but it smells like burnt oil and my car consumed almost a quart and a half in 300 miles.

I'm thinking it's the OSV or valve seals.

At your mileage im sure the car will appreciate some fresh gaskets and plugs if needed.
white smoke billowing out of tailpipes

Very long story...driving started to lose stop light and when I take off huge billows of white smoke from tail pipe which smelled weird...
Stopped at nearest lube shop thinking OIL! Guy said oil levels were nice he offered to plug it my car and read me the codes....misfire I. 1,2 and 3
Told me to havd spark plugs checked. Had it checked and decided to go on this site to see if I can do it myself...which I did all plugs and coils...this helped for 5 miles and same issue happened.
Read and read and asked so many questions...I was afraid to go to dealer as I am single mom with not much money.
I discovered that my spark plugs were wet I figure oil I was getting nervous...then I read white is either. Coolant or the posts I smelled the spark plugs and sure was GAS...keep reading up on a fix...came across post on importance of air and gas mixtures and lack of air causes car to discharge fuel but unable to burn....LONG STORY SHORT...CHECK YOUR AIR FILTER IMMEDIATELY. May sound silly cause so simple but THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT WAS WRONG. 3 different mechanics sayjng I needed expensive dig. Tests and head gasket or fuel Inj. System...nope just and air filter
I purposely reg on this site fof this reason...I hadnt seen anyone suggest that...lack of air will not allow the correct flow of gas. So you end up flooding the engjne which then causes spark plugs to foul and will not burn the fuel which goes out the tail pipe white with a gas oder...hope it helps someone and saves some money
White smoke = coolant
Blue smoke = oil.
tmb: good on ya for stickin' with it and blowing past the "mechanics". They aren't always right and they aren't always honest.
Very long story.....hope it helps someone and saves some money
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