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I have a 1998 e39 540i sport,The brackets broke on my power steering pump about 2 months ago so i replaced it. It happened again about two weeks later, this time it broke the bottom tab on the motor side where it bolts into.
Maybe not everyone would love my fix but i thought I would put the info out there for anyone in need.
I filled the the hole with jb weld and put two coats around the entire tab and let it sit over night.
The next day i drilled straight through the entire tab right through the back side a size smaller than the previous bolt so i could through bolt the pump back on.
For extra precaution i fabricated a simple bracket out of 3/16" flat steel and ran it back to an oil pan bolt. I replaced the oil pan bolt with one 1/2" longer and used a few washers to clear the lip on the oil pan.
I've been driving it like this for about 2 days like this with no issue. And the way i drive it has been a true test.
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