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E39 Air conditioning not blowing cold

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I believe I have have a self-inflicted Air Conditioning issue.

I noticed my air conditioner was only blowing warm air today when taking a ride for lunch. I set the temp on both passenger and drivers side to 60 degrees and only warm air with the fan on full blast. Usually it's very cold only on the first three or four lowest fan setting. The center vent dial is set to three blue dots. The light on my A/C button is lit green (on). I did have the system set to 90 degrees earlier as I was bleeding/burping the cooling system from a cooling system maintenance.

I suspect it is self inflicted as I just finished up the install for a electric fan and was in the relay box under the passenger carbon filter airbox last night. I was installing a pair of fan relays and wiring into the relay box for a SPAL two speed fan.

I swear I didn't screw something up in there, but I'm getting older and senile, so just maybe I jostled something or bumped a relay that has now failed.

I'll open it up when I get home to see if there is anything obvious, but am posting here to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. I searched for "Air Conditioning problem" and among all the feedback, I'm thinking I either disconnected or josteled a relay so it's now broke. I'll also check the fuse when I get back to the car.

Ah, I also checked the A/C compressor belt, it's on and spinning normally.

Will the OBD throw a code for an air conditioning failure?

Thanks in advance for any insight!
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for the AC to work.... few things you need to look at... make sure... when you turn on your AC... with the green light on the snow flake... and go check out your... AC compressor..make sure the compressor clutch is engage... if its not enaged..then thats why.... also look at the AUX fan in the front bumper grill .... if that fan is not spinning... thats one reason why the compressor clutch will not engage and therefore your AC will not turn on... I had this problem during the summer..... and they found that the AUX fan connectors in the front... was molded...and my aux fan did not turn on cuz of bad connection and compressor clutch did not kick on..and NO AC......

so check those few things

1. is AUX FAN on.. when AC is turned on...?

2. is AC compressor clutch spinning when AC is turned on ?

then u can go ahead with other troubleshooting methods....
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Flyboyy, Was it the Aux fan connector on the Aux Fan itself or the switch that is on the Fan Shroud over the radiator? Can't see the Aux Fan connectors without taking the front grilll off. I'll do that tomorrow, as I head out to a Kings/Knicks game just now. BTW, I did have to transfer what Bentley describes as a Aux Fan Switch from the OEM fan Shroud to the Zionsville fan shroud. Upon inspection, the switch/connector was wet with some new coolant from the cooling system burping process I went through two days ago. If that is the aux fan switch, perhaps it did not like a coolant bath.

Thanks for this lead! Where is Gotham? :)
the aux fan connector in my case, if you look at it from the front its the left side and its right beside the black kidney grill. if you look from the side, you can see it , as it is attached you will see the connector, hooks onto a pastic hook or something.... when you get a chance go take a look... one of the wire on the connector was corroded and needed to be re-soldered on to get the connection back.. and PUFF aux fan kicked on and then compressor kicked on....and my AC was back in business..... good luck..

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