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I'm not sure if the e39 has an auto choke, or if it's sensors and computers that raise the revs when it's cold and drop them off when it's warm, but I think that I have an issue with what ever does this and was after some advice!

I have a 1997 520i SE with nearly 180k on the clock.

Here's are the syptoms I am seeing:

When I start from cold, it will start first time.
If I sit there and wait for it to warm up, when it does warm up, the engine will cut out.
If I drive off without waiting for it to heat up, when it does heat up, there will be a very big stutter, like it's trying to cut out, but it will recover from this, then carry on as normal.

If I have been stationary and it's cut out, it is a real pig to get started again. It will turn over, but not fire. It will take 5 - 10 mins to get going again.
It's like it's flooding when it cuts out.

Once I do get it started again, it will run fine. No more stutters or cut outs.

This is why I think it's an issue with the autochoke, or whatever does the job of the autochoke, as if it starts from cold, it dies; but if it starts from warm, it will run sweet.

It seems that the autochoke (?) is doing it's job in starting the car, but then disengaging too early, or too keenly, and killing me bemmer!

Any advice gladly received!

PS. As you can tell, I'm no mechanic, but I can follow instruction!
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