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See attached PDF and photos.

2003 BMW 530i (E39) Cabin Filter DIY

Difficulty : Very Easy
Time Required : 5 minutes.

Part : Mann-Filter CUK 2736-2 Cabin Filter with Activated Charcoal for BMW (set of 2)

(available at Amazon Spring 2011 for $18.69 ***8211; eligible for free shipping)

1) To access the cabin filter, lift the wire latch located at the front of each chamber and remove cover.

2) Remove the old filter by lifting up and out. Note that air flows into the chamber underneath the filter and flows up through the filter and out the top side so the filter should be installed with the arrows pointing UP.

3)Vacuum chamber and wipe down with wet rag if necessary. Insert new filter with air flow arrows pointing UP

4) Replace cover by inserting rear tabs first, closing cover and snapping wire latch back in place over the cover. Repeat for other side.


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Nice. Very nice. I like the idea of the attached PDF.

I just now added this to the bestlinks so others can find it easier:

- How to DIY replace the activated charcoal cabin air filter (1) (2) & what cabin filter to buy (1) (2) & cn90's inexpensive cabin filter retrofit (1) (2) (3) & cabin air filter implications for stinky air conditioning (1) (2)

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Question:.. what are the Cabin filters for?
What is their purpose. This is the first time ive owned a car with 3 air filters
More than likely your other car had one. But bmw made it easy for us to find them. On most cars there behind the glove box.

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