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E39 Failing to engage

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I have a 1998 528i, I've been experiencing brake problems for the past 2 weeks. It is an intermittently problem. When I step on the brakes they go all the way to the floor and it happens for a while until it fixes itself while driving or once I turn the car off.
I checked for leaks in the system and I have no leaks, the break fluid level is fine.

What else can it be?
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Properly the master cylinder is failing. But kind of strange that it will fix itself.
Thanks for your help, Ed..... I have read several other thread and everything indicates that it is the MC, according to the other threads it indicates that this the sign when the MC is going bad; its an intermitent problem until in finally fails.
Captain Picard sends people to the brig for that.
Are you sure that your not haveing an ABS issue? I have seen master cylinders go bad in the same way but turning the key of and restarting doesn't usually make a difference.
Thank you very much for your advice..... Yes, it was the master cylinder and I had to replace the brake booster as well.

I appreciate your help
Do you know if this caused by water filling up around the booster or what?
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