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Hey guys,

I am a current member of e90post and have built a 335i, I will be making an intro thread soon...

I am looking into purchasing an e39, preferably an m5.

The main things that I want to change first are the headlights and taillights, from the research i have done, I have found that "hella" is the way to go...

I also found the ddmtuning headlights, but some reviews and forum posts I saw are against ddm for poor quality.

I am looking to get the hella headlights, I think i found them on ebay.. I cannot find them elsewhere

here is the link:

are these what I need?

Here are the tail lights I found:

Also, as far as the actual xenon bulbs and wiring - what would I need to get that white LED halo look?

I want my lowbeams to be strong white light, 4600-6000K would be my best bet I'd assume.

Also want a nice amber turn signal to complete the headlights

could anybody please help me out with :
1) Did I find the right headlights (are these priced well?)
2) Which lowbeam/highbeam bulb size and sets do I need (whats recommended?)
3) I really want the white halo look, not blue or something different, which bulbs or bulb set would I need for this?
4) Same question for the amber turn signal.. which bulb size would I need and what is a recommendation?

i apologize for such specific questions, but I cannot seem to find much more information on my own..

Thank you in advance,

Here's a couple of pics of my e92 ;)


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Umm, you don't even have this car yet? Are you dead set on pruchasing an '00 M5 (pre-facelift)? '01+ already has those lights.

Those Hella's in the first link are the ones, yes, for pre-facelift e39's. They include the relays needed to run the Celis LEDs needed for the earlier cars like mine. '01+ can uses those lights, but they don't need the relays. $350 is good. Check (Germany), they are about $310 shipped for the same thing. Schmiedmann ships damn quick for being in Europe too.
Check Schmiedmann for the headlights too. I just bought some Euro Hella pre-facelift off ebay for something like $130 new. Then I purchased (eBay again) some Weislight (or something like that) LED angel eyes and installed them. I think the set-up looks great. White. Not yellow. Not blue. 5000k or thereabouts...

As far as bulb sizes, honestly, I'd wait until you have the new lights in your hand a check what's in there. They are Euro, so there are a bit different than US spec. It's too easy to make assumptions and end up with an ill fitting bulb that you paid good money for because it's a silver colored amber or whatever. Easy mistake to make. Ask me how I know.

Sweet e92. BTW. Love the red interior! Clean. Makes me want to check the classifieds, lol...

Yeah, I just checked, and Schmiedmann has a bunch of choices on headlights... OE, OEM, aftermarket. Way cheaper for Hella headlights. Check them out.
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