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First of a small introduction

I'm from the Netherlands, 26 years old, currently on my third BMW, which as a brand completely won me over.

First I owned a E30 325 with 2.8 underblock
Then moved up to a E39 528i
Now since 2 weeks own a E39 540i (loving it!)

Anyway, the car has original xenon D2S.

When i bought the car, one of the lights wasn't working, so i purchased 2 new D2S 6000K bulbs (off Ebay...not sure that makes a difference?)

Anyway, replaced both lights, and they both work, however after about 15 seconds, 1 starts to flicker and turns off. When I turn off the lights and turn them back on shortly after, they work again, however again 15 seconds later 1 turns off.

So first it was the left side.

I figured it might be a connection, so disconnected and re-connected those.

Now it's the right side that flickers and turns off...???

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

If it was the balast, surely the light wouldn't work at all, let alone change to the other side that flickers and turns off.

Any help would be great

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I believe most of your problems may be coming from the china made lamps typically sold off Ebay.
D2S& D2R lamps have always been made by only two mfrs....Philips and Osram/Sylvania. These are the only two OEM brands that have historically been shown to work in conjunction w/ OEM ballasts and ignitors, which are also made by them.

In summary, try using D2S lamps made by philips, osram/sylvania, or purchased from the BMW dealer
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