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OK...tried this b4 and they sent me to another section :dunno: ...Did I do something wrong?? Well now the wifey is on my _ss because this 1/2 coffin size box is impeding her egress & mobility in our garage :tsk:
I have a Racing Dynamics Aero Front Lip Spoiler [attached to OEM bumper cover] w/ OEM grilling, bumper strips w/license plate, & fog lights from a 1997/ e39/ 528i waiting to beautify somebody's 5er .... [Bumper Cover, Spoiler, & accessories listed below Only!] will accept the 1st sane offer...would be a shame to send it to the nearest local dump:cry: It is alpine white (can be painted any color), perfect condition...everything (fogs & all) looks new...No gimmicks, No tricks...don't need $$$...just trying to make a decent business decision...PM me or reply here w/ any attached...
Paid $475 for spoiler/ plus $200 to paint & install...


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