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E39 Steering Adjustment Motor Creaking

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The vertical steering column adjustment motor is creaking and grinding every time it moves.

-Is this a sign that the motor is going belly up?
-How about the cable?
-Is there any way to lubricate either one?
-If not, how do I fix this problem before it stops working altogether?

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Yes, Likely SW motor going bad. Here is a good thread:

Pricing is here, PN 67646903946. And you don't want to know the price of this stupid motor, it is about $200 or so!

If not, how do I fix this problem before it stops working altogether?
Read Post #23: I removed Fuse #13 in the glovebox and am very happy I did it.
Adjust your Steering Wheel and seat then pull fuse #13:

PS: I'd suggest that you remove the SW vertical motor, clean and lube it. Then re-install it back.
Adjust SW and seat then pull fuse #13 and forget about it for good....until you need to adjust the SW or driver's seat!
Thanks for taking time to share the info. Much appreciated.

I'll visually inspect its function with the panels removed and my head poked under there for a look-see. I need to verify if it's the motor or the driveshaft that is making the noise. It's likely that the rotating devices within the motor itself are the culprit. It sounds like gears or a shaft within the motor that are creaking, moaning, and grinding. It's really loud, too. Very strange.

Take some pics and post a DIY on cleaning/lubing the motor.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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