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Hi all,

Over the last few days I noticed the revs at idle we fluctuating ever so slightly then normal and the car feeling a little rough. I used the Torque OBD diagnostic tool via my phone to scan for any codes and it showed two pending codes - P0170 Fuel Trim (Bank 1) and P0173 (Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 2), however the engine light did not appear on.

Today the engine light came on after about 10 minutes of driving. I tested again for fault codes and the codes mentioned above appeared as permanent faults. After parking up at work, I used the Torque OBD to check the car's Raw Data Display from the ECU. I've attached some screenshots of the data. Would anyone be able to tell me if anything looks untoward, especially with the MAF, F/T 1x1, F/T 2x1, 02 1x1, 02 2x1 or any other figures? All these figures are from the car being at idle.

Before taking it to my local BMW mechanic, I was thinking of cleaning the MAF sensor, cleaning the Secondary Air Pump Valve and checking for any vacuum leaks to my best abilities. Does anyone know if this might clear the codes?

Would really appreciate your help with this


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