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E46 330ci 5 speed BCM

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Hello, I'm having electrical issues with my 2002 e46 330ci 5 speed. It all started with my locks going in and out like everyone else. But over time my windows have stopped working but still roll down if you hold the unlock on the key fob but won't roll back up. Then my dash back light has gone out along with my blinker indicators. Now the blinkers still work but there in no light or sound on the dash anymore and all my indicator lights still work except my check engine light. And finally my window wipers went out the other day as well and my anti theft alarm that beeps when you open the door. I've seen that these are all issues of a bad BCM but I'm wondering if it could be something else like a bad body ground or something. Any help would be appreciated or suggestions, I haven't seen much about it on here so I really need the help to avoid a huge dealership bill. Thank you.