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Many thanks to G. P. Burdell for this excellent DIY

I performed this service yesterday, using Method 2. The procedure went very well.

Here are my notes:

In addition to removing those items in step 2B, I also removed both wipers and the long, plastic cowling under the wipers that seals the bottom of the windshield.

Instead of unclipping the blower retaining strap in step 2E, I opted to remove the four screws with integrated washers, after putting rags in the air channels to catch screws if they fell.

The blower motor and squirrel cage came out cleanly, without having to force it through a too-small opening. There was "just enough" clearance to remove it without resistance. This was very satisfying since I had heard of people using some force to get it out.

There was fuzzy mold growth on the evaporator fins in the bottom center. I used shop air to break up some of the mold. I then sprayed the entire surface of the evaporator, getting foam to all four corners.

When installing the motor I used Stabilant 22, which is an "electrical contact enhancer" mentioned many times in the Bentley manual, to coat the plug contacts.

I've included a few photos with notes that may help someone else who, like me, has never been in there before.


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