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E46 Brake Issue?

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I have a 2001 325ci that when i gently apply the brakes, the steering wheel shakes and there is a clunk feeling through the pedal as well as a loud knocking noise. I thought it was maybe the control arm bushings or the rotors were warped. Any insight?
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Worn Control Arm Bushings (CAB's) can cause that. Jack it up and check for play.

Welcome to the fest, and congrats on the new to you Bimmer. There is a ton of information about our cars, which you can access at any time by reading the WIKI, and we all encourage you to do so…it will answer many of your questions. From this site a plethora of knowledge emanates from a bunch of nice people, some not so nice, a few old curmudgeons and others that I yet have a description for. Of course when you combine the WIKI (did I mention that you should read that), with the search function, then you have the world by the short hairs. Did I mention that you should read the WIKI.

Good luck, and have fun, and welcome to the fest. Did I mention that you should read the WIKI.


These 2¢ are brought to you by just another old curmudgeon too tired to write the same thing more than once.

Regarding you particular issue I believe QAfred hit the nail on the head...control arm bushings.
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