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Hey guys,

Been a while since my last post. Been having problems with the window drop of my passenger window on my 2002 325ci upon opening the door.

The windows always drop when pulling the handle or closing the door; however, they do not drop enough to clear the trim causing the window to scrape and rattle. I've searched other threads to get an idea of what the problem is in addition to thoroughly inspecting it. I suspect that I should likely just replace both my regulator in addition to actuator.

Some things to note.
-I have played with the vertical adjustment for the windows and have ruled this out as being an issue. At any level of adjustment same problem occurs.

- the actuator allen key adjustment for the door latch is stripped and rotates freely (don't think this is related to the window problem but mentioning for full disclosure)

- the window always goes up and down when supposed to (just not the right amount of travel)

- When opening the door with the window scraping against the trim, the door will have play in it in a downward direction as to be able to be pushed back into the proper position. Once I push the window down (back into the right place) it locks and has no more play to be pulled back upward as it is in the spot it should be.

-If I push the window back down into place the door closes properly and moves back up the proper amount upon closure. If I do not push the window down into place before closing it will hit the upper trim and will not close properly.

- there are no other issues with the doors such as locks not working sporadically etc.

I was wondering if people had an ideas or ways to rule out either part. I'm between it being the actuator or the regulator with the regulator being more likely?

Also I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on brands? Any good non oem brands or is it worth it to go with oem (per ususal)?

I will do some more investigation this weekend and will likely take the actuator out to inspect it. I have the door panel and weather stripping off at the moment and am hoping to order parts this weekend!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Have a good weekend guys!

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