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So first off here is the video so you know what I am taling about:

So basically I went to get in my car just before and it started fine but gauge cluster would not work along with that screen spazzing out. I tried to get it into reverse but it wouldn't go in as if it hadn't detected that the key was in. I tried restarting the car another 3 times and I could finally get it into reverse.

Things I noticed wouldn't work are:
  • Indicators
  • gauge cluster
  • middle screen spazzing out
  • can't get car out of park sometimes.
  • Says traction control is off even though it's on

This is the first time it has happened and it has been raining today (car lives outside) so I am guessing thats the reason why. Something has just got wet. So at the moment I am going to leave it till the morning to see if it fixes itself.

Any ideas what has gone wrong or what is shorting out so I can fix this and prevent it from happening again?

Car: E46 320i 2001

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