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E46 M3 for HPDE (new to BMW)

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I have tracked before in other cars but was thinking about getting a E46 M3. What is needed to track. I am thinking only need upgraded pads and brake fluid. This would also be a daily driver so it needs to be reliable.

Also I am lean more toward a manual 6 speed for cheaper maintenance and reliability. Any year specifically I need to look for?

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No specific years. The 02s had some issues with rod bearings, but all should have been fixed.

Pads and fluid and GOOD cool down is all that is required. I run Turner Cool Willy pads. I can drive them to/from the track and never had any on track fade. I run Castrol SRF as a fluid, but you need to do a few laps of the paddock after coming off the track even with it. Motul 600 RBF was worse.

SS brakes lines help the pedal feel. I did the BimmerWorld solid calper bushings. They are nice, but I can't say that I noticed a uge difference.

I find that I prefer the car set up with the same size tires all around. You can do so with some negative camber in the front. Which the car needs anyway.

Easy way to get some, is to swap the front hats. When you change the shocks (which is they are stock, you should), put the left strut hat on the right and vice versa. Then install the struts with the arrows pointing forwards toward the center / \ This get about 1.5 - 2 degrees negative, which is good. More is better, but requires camber plates.
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