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E46 rough idle when A/C is on

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I have yet to figure it out, and i looked through the forum board and other places for the answer.

Problem: Car is idling, I turn on the a/c to lets say, 3 on the fan speed. the idle then will dip down below 500, and eventually stall out. If im driving its fine, but that makes sense cause the car is over idle speed. But I have been on the highway and sank the clutch and forgot to switch off the a/c it and the whole car shut off.. not fun. Does anyone have an answer as to why it does this and what a fix will be?

If I did miss the thread will someone please kindly direct me to it?
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When was your last tune up?
May need to check ICV. Condition of battery, compressor itself, etc.

Do some troubleshooting to narrow down the culprit.

Good luck Mate.
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Guess I can always give in and replace the compressor.

Thanks :thumbup:
Like I said,... do some troublleshooting before shelling out the dough.

Compressor issue hardly can cause a motor to die on these cars.
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