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I hadn't driven my e46 In a couple of weeks. I went to start the car and the battery was flat.

I left it for another week before getting it jumpstarted.

After it was jumped I drove for a few seconds and the transmission light came on and the car started to lurch heavily whenever I slowed down (Like it was dropping a couple of gears at a time?)

I then parked it after driving for about 10 minutes, waited 30 mins and tried to start it but the battery was dead again.

A week later I got it jumpstarted again expecting the transmission light to come up again but It didn't. I managed to drive it 60 miles to a different city. There wasn't a single fault, it drove smoothly and comfortable. The only thing was the eml light came on after driving for 15 minutes.

Im concerned about what happened to the car the first time I jumpstarted it.

My initial guesses are I need a new battery asap and maybe to top up the transmission fluid?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated
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