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(e46) Transmission limp mode

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I have 2002 325i Zf Transmission. I recently bought this car as a fixer upper as I am becoming interested in these cars. Initially the Bmw was throwing me the P0715 code (input turbine sensor) and nothing else. So I removed the pan and valve body and found out that the sensor wire was broken and spliced back into the wire harness. So i bought and replaced the new sensor and wire harness from Pelican Parts. I then drained and filled the zf transmission with Valvoline mercon V ATF.

Once I got the car on the road the transmission began to start acting goofy. It would rarely engage into first gear (had to wait 15ish seconds before it would engage) along with that it wouldn't move until 2000rpm. When it did engage, it jerked once i started to give it gas.

So after getting out of first, the car went through all the gears nicely, but would go into limp mode randomly whenever I would stop and then start quickly. The car would throw 3rd or 4th gear ratio codes, but never at the same time. However after clearing the codes, the transmission would run a lot better if I just left it in the manual mode.

I brought the car back to garage and drain/filled the fluid to cycle more of the old fluid out. the fluid however seemed extremely hot! It was at 240F. I don't have the temp specs (tried looking, can't find specs)? a friend suggested to try and see if the hose were plugged i pulled off the hoses at the radiator side and cranked the engine over without letting it run to engage the trans pump and see if fluid was cycling through (dont worry i filled the hose sucking in new fluid) but no fluid came out or went in to the hoses.

My possible assumptions are (if 240F is too Hot), the tranny is overheating due to a bad thermostat or plugged hose or bad heat exchange unit. Otherwise if the tranny is not overheating then my assumptions are that it has a bad torque converter, bad fluid, bad valve body, or just a worn out transmission

Sorry for the novel but I'm stuck and i don't want to just start throwing in parts! Any help would be greatly appreciated for i do not know much about transmissions but have exhausted all resources trying to get this thing to work! I would like to try to steer clear of replacing the tranny but will if I have too!
Thanks for the help!!