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E46 transmission oil change

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i am in the process of changing the oil and filter in the tranny. I read that the oil pan holds 4 qts of oil and the torque converter holds about 5 qts, so by putting 4qts of new oil in the pan ,that oil is going to mix with the old dirty oil in the TC. also the old oil is original from bmw and the new oil is mercon and they say do not mix oils,what does one do here? fill the pan with new oil and flush it and refill? no idea what to do any help is greatly appreciated in this confusion . thanks in advance for your help guys...:
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You read correctly....the "drain & refill" method only replaces about half of the fluid volume. The "best case" scenario would be to do it 2 or 3 times within a short timeframe.

I got the castrol oil to change as the mobil1 is no where to be found in florida. don t know why they pushing a product that is no quiete out yet really no auto parts has them...
but anyway thats what i will be doing drain and fill for a couple of times...also found that the seal in the shifter shat was leaking fun to replace..thanks guys for your help..
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