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I am considering purchasing a new BMW in the spring...most likely a 330ci. I'm still keeping the wagon, just want something fun for the summer. Is there much difference between the sedan and the coupe, in terms of handling, suspension, engine performance...stuff like that. How hard is it to keep the top clean..I've heard horror stories of people who do not take care of them properly. Does the ragtop take up any of the trunk space? Anything that would help me would be greatly appreciated. Don't need to know about leather titanium silver or steel gray. I could run my BMW Style 50's in the summer, which would look smashing and bolt on some Style 71's on zee wagen, yah? :bigpimp:
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I think you are asking about the 330Cic. Well lets see,compared to a 325Xit you will have a lower suspension with no AWD weight but you will gain weight for the softtop mech.More HP and much more torque,you should find it a good bit snappier.When the top is up if you move the lever in the trunk the well for the top retracts minimizing space loss.Our blue top has been no real problem to maintain so far with annual resealing.Try it You'll love it!:thumbup: (get the windblocker to greatly extend you top down time)
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