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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum so it is possible that my question has already been answered. I did google but could not find anything specific although there are lot of entries on Retrofitting Cruise Control.

I recently purchased a used 520i, E60-2010. I did not realize that it did not have a cruise control. Infact I never expected a 2010 520i to not have a Cruise Control. I checked with the BMW dealer for a retrofit and they say, the retrofit is not available for this model. I checked with a local garage, and they did fit the required cables and connected them to existing "individually programmable" buttons on stearing. They tried updating the computer but somehow it does not work. Is there a code that needs to be changed or something else they are missing? Being 2010, I would think it will just be the Computer program that needs to be updated. But now after knowing that there are 2010 BMWs without cruise control, i am not so sure. Any advise?

Thanks and Regards
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