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Hi All,

Read lots of threads on several BMW e60 forums but I am a little confused about audio upgrade possibilities for a 2008 e60 528XI with 'standard' audio system

I understand the HU should not be replaced if I want to use the Idrive system after my upgrade.

I would like to replace existing amp and change the speakers:

Question: Do I need JL cleansweep or can I just replace amp and speaker?

Thank You,


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Hi there I got a bmw 520 D e60 06 and ever sinse i bought this car about 3 months ago. I allways had some problems with it. So this is from scratch.

1; Woke up one day and went to the car sat in it put the key in it pushed the button and nothing happend took it to bmw turn out to be a IBS cable so i replaced that now it starts.

2; the angeleyes wont turn off

3: no audio in the car not even seatbelts warning sound or any audio from sterio. Not even from the navigation woman

4 the i drive is not displaying and when i try to reset it with (mute both eject buttons) it works some time but the sound is not comming back.

very well the things that consurnes me the most is the audio and the i drive any clue anyone please help if you got something

excuse my spelling remember im SWEDISH Hehe
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