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Hi all, have posted this on another forums but to no avail, maybe a kind soul here can help.

2006 E60 520d 100k on clock, regular engine oil change, regular service, auto box transmission and diff oil changed 8k miles ago. DPF not blocked and regularly regens.

Intermittent creaking / knocking noise started about two weeks ago. I heard it whilst trying to parallel park. The noise is intermittent and at first it sounded like it's coming from the front near side wheel arch so got a garage to check roll bar mount, link rods, subframe mounting, rear ball joints and front tie rods .... all was fine.

The noise becomes noticeably less intermittent when the car is good and warm (after a 30 min in-town drive) and now it sounds like it's coming from the behind the engine area (i.e area around the dash) as well as the wheel arch. To be completely honest, it's quite hard to pin-point the exact location of the noise.

The noise itself is probably best described as the sort of noise you'd expect to hear if you're driving with the engine bonnet not latched on properly.

Have tried to record the noise for you, see video's below. Any help would be really appreciated :)
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