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E60 Keyless entry problem

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Hello guys

I have an E60 07 with the start/stop button. But without Comfort access.
Anyway, when i lock the car via the key it locks as it should be. BUT when i want to unlock it doesnt UNLOCK. the trunk button works perfectly. just the unlock button i should every time access the car with the physical key. i really dont know what is the problem ? Anyone had this problem before ? if yes. how have you fixed this issue please ? its really annoying to have an keyless and its useless :(

this is the key PIC
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The other buttons working mean the remote's battery and radio transmitter are good... that leaves a broken pushbutton on the remote itself. Any chance the key got wet, maybe just dunked in at one end? I just looked at mine, doesn't seem to be any non-destructive way to get inside it for inspection.
Because the car grabs onto the key and holds it in the slot, I'd be nervous changing the mechanical shape of the key... especially near the indents where it grabs the key. But I guess if you do it carefully, it should still work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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