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Okay, here's some background information.

both of the lower beam bulbs on my 2008 528i's(E60) lower beam light bulbs got burned out and I need to get it replaced***12290; I've always wanted to get those xenon headlights (extensive driving at nights and looks cool). After some researching, turns out WT*! they are illegal? But many says that a retrofit would most likely to work similar to the OEM ones, some suggested to buy those at ebay which costs around $800 each, which is really not an option for me. But I really wanted them! So I decide to try the retrofit.

After some more extensive research, I some information to be vague. Some of the retrofit kits I found online only include the bulb and the ballasts and you just need to plug the lights in and just use the halogen projectors, some say get a projector and install it onto the halogen projectors, which requires drilling. I also finds that retrofit meeting bmw standards is really hard. I am a dummie with hardly any experiences working on cars and I find myself lost, with tons of information right and wrong.

So here's my question, can I find some information on retrofitting bi xenon hid's from the ground up including types of bulbs, projectors to buy, etc. all the way up to the installation and the wiring process step by step? (with pictures would be really nice)
Just any help with pictures and stuff would be great on how to start

Thank you guys very much if anyone can help, I really want a pair of hid's without getting pulled over all the time and I believe there are many folks out there have the same question as mine.

If I can successfully retrofit a bi xenon that's very close to OEM, I will sort out the process with pictures for many others like me out there.
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