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E61 525D 06 Crank But No start

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Hello, happy christmas everyone!

I have issue where after replacing the exhaust manifold(removed the valve cover) the car won't start. seems like there is no fuel pressure at rail, when car is cranking then there is some fuel, very very little, tripping... bought the K-CAN cable, installed ista and inpa, but both shows no issues related to engine, some K-Can line errors(Prolly some modules are dead cuz bmw), what i really did notice was that randomly it says my oil level sensor is faulty, where it came i dont know and next day it was gone. Tomorrow i will post every single error i get in ista and inpa, maybe some of you guys can see the issue just looking at the codes. Maybe some "common" things i can check when i go to garage tomorrow?

Best wishes!
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Got the codes:

004477 ODE: Intelligent battery sensor, communication
005150 No message from the trailer module, receiver EGS, transmitter Al-IM
009C7B IHKA: Interior temperature sensor fan
009E3B PDC: Supply, ultrasonic sensors
00A3C0 Message error (trailer module), receiver instrument panel, transmittertrailer module
000704 EHC: K-CAN line fault
000904 CAS: K-CAN line fault
000904 MP1V1: K-CAN line fault
000A04 SI-ID: K-CAN line-fault
00E104 KOMBI: K-CAN line fault
00E244 SZM: K-CAN line fault
00E2C4 CON: K-CAN line fault
00E444 SMFA: K-CAN line fault
00E434 SMBF: K-CAN line fault
00E504 LM: K-CAN line fault
00E584 KBM: K-CAN Line fault
All the k line faults makes me think there is a bad wire on the line causing no communication with all of them
Just to make sure, I'd try clearing the faults and re-reading them after a day or so. Sometimes a low-voltage event (aka dead battery) can cause a host of communications errors that are really not hard errors, but just computers losing their minds due to malnourishment.
So. After testing a lot of things i found out that the rail fuel pressure gets up to 70bar only(should be 250bar), i did not see any visible leaks.. Any suggestion?
And now when i started thinking bit harder i remember like a week ago one of my bottom protection plastic came loose, that one where the fuel heater is and snow got all over it, maybe thats faulty?
Help! Still havent found any issues. Fuel filter and heater are working like they should
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