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I recently bought a BMW e61 LCI and noticed my headlights had some diy led strips mounted, and the old eyebrows were cut out. This looked horrible and i just painted over it.
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But i want to buy new headlights for it, but also be afford a dinner or two🤣

It has adaptive headlights,
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What choice do i have? Please leave link if you know where to buy something.

Can i buy the LCI headlight glass anywhere?

Can i use pre LCI headlight glass and swap over the internals?

Can i buy normal Xenon/halogen headlights and swap over the adaptive part without opening the headlight glass?

Is normal Xenon headlight just plug and play?

Ideally i want new adaptive headlights but they are just too expensive in Norway. (700-1000$ a piece).

Ps. I am a Car mechanic and i am comfortable splitting these headlights, just cant find the LCI headlight glasses and i will not splitt the glass on new headlights just to swap internals, cause i will never save the glass while taking it off, got to open the back up or have new glasses laying around.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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