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2009 550i
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I recently bought a BMW e61 LCI and noticed my headlights had some diy led strips mounted, and the old eyebrows were cut out. This looked horrible and i just painted over it.
View attachment 1065943

But i want to buy new headlights for it, but also be afford a dinner or twoūü§£

It has adaptive headlights, View attachment 1065942

What choice do i have? Please leave link if you know where to buy something.

Can i buy the LCI headlight glass anywhere?

Can i use pre LCI headlight glass and swap over the internals?

Can i buy normal Xenon/halogen headlights and swap over the adaptive part without opening the headlight glass?

Is normal Xenon headlight just plug and play?

Ideally i want new adaptive headlights but they are just too expensive in Norway. (700-1000$ a piece).

Ps. I am a Car mechanic and i am comfortable splitting these headlights, just cant find the LCI headlight glasses and i will not splitt the glass on new headlights just to swap internals, cause i will never save the glass while taking it off, got to open the back up or have new glasses laying around.
Several people have posted sources of replacement lenses over the years......I don't have a link handy but will try to find one. Even with your obvious mechanical skills, the job is not an easy one apparently.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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