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Ok so four years ago I was on track doing as the instructor said, going faster and

all the dash warning lights came on
warning reduced power
warning take to a BMW service centre

Guys in the pits asked why I had slowed down and come in. Somebody plugged in a code reader and asked if I had used supermarket petrol. Er, no, 102 RON from Shell near the track like the rest of you. Anyway, I had it booked in the next day for a service, but 400 miles away!
BTW, this car's idea of restricted power / limp home is still being able to do 110mph, and getting home was no issue.
However, it was a big bill for both throttle actuators and both idle control valves and sundry stuff while in there. Full service, oil cooler. I think I said if you think it needs doing just do it, cough!

Only one TA had gone, but when you are in there don't be a cheapskate.

Hope this helps someone.
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