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E61 Xdrive to RWD

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What’s up guys. I’m here just to get some insight on where to buy Transmission mount for the RWD conversion.
Wether you like it, hate it- Im LS swapping this wagon with a 6.0 and 4L80e trans. I have all my Holley wiring and engine management. Im not here to debate or go back in fourth about opinion. This is not my first BMW, I love them all up until everything turned turbo.
This N52 in my 530xi is burning oil, and the x drive system is in 3rd gear limp home mode. I’m thinking about addressing the transmission and driving it stock until i source all Swap parts, but not set in stone.

Which RWD trans Mount is needed for this LS swap?
from Texas.
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I do love my N52, and the AWD system has dragged me through some pretty sketchy winter rides. And getting 27mpg on regular on my road trips is a huge plus...

But I'll be watching this project since your car is a dead ringer for mine. I'm thinking that an LS swap will make the humble E61 a real sleeper. Put me in the "love it" category! I saw a similar conversion for a Z3 that I think could be result in a really "memorable" car (given that it actually makes the car lighter).
Go to and put in similar information MY etc, for a rwd sedan.
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