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Dear all,

I just wanted to share my thanks with all those that contribute here as well as those that have contribted in the past to BMW Land before its sad current state.

Basically, my dash started giving me parking brake faults and ever so often display "Brake/Drive fault" with all the ABS associated warning lights going off. INPA showed a bunch of errors including speed sensors, ABS communication faults and plenty of "unknown errors". BMW gave a hilarious quote for a replacement ABS module (well over £1500 plus labour and VAT because they apparently couldn't supply it without the pump) so I sent off the old module for repair (£240 max, no fix no fee).

The result was that it was unrepairable but clearly faulty. So, I went on eBay and bought a brand new Bosch ABS module from a company in Berlin for £280 delivered. It arrived within 4 days. I fitted it, cleared all faults and that was that, no coding required. Well over £1000 saved.

Secondly, I had an airbag light and restraint light on with "Safety System" warnings going off. Plenty of bongs when I put the key in the ignition! The code was 93F9 and a suitably vague "undervoltage" fault. Nothing online really suggested a fix. BMW suggested a new SIM/SGM module but didn't guarantee it fixing anything...for £1000 plus VAT.

So, I bought a second hand SIM/SGM on eBay for £100, fitted it (once I worked out it was behind the dash) and then started to read through all the gumph online about coding. Basically, you just need to fit it, flash it using WINFKP with your car's VIN and the latest SP-Daten, use NCS-Expert to reset it to default factory settings and then use Tool32 to re-sync the time.

It took a while to work it all out but I did both of the above jobs on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Cleared the faults and they've not come back. No warning lights at all. BMW quoted £2500+ and I spent less than £400! Everything now works and I'm a very happy chappie!

Now, the faulty passive go on the driver's side and the weird climate control faults to go...

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Most people know how to use INPA to read the data from the car and use WinKFP to program the VIN and NCS to default the coding, but it seems the info regarding the time re-sync is a little harder to find, so here is the procedure:

Ediabas Tool32: Start System Time
Start Tool32
Select File->Load SGBD, Group file
Browse to the EDIABAS\ECU folder, and search for the file name based on the listed SGBD column from INPA. Can be more than 1 file.
In the Left of the window select systemzeit_lesen (write)
In the middle of the window Argument (value of) type 1 in the dropdown menu
Double click systemzeit_lesen.
Double click systemzeit_starten. (no arguments)

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