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E83 NCSExpert Daten V53 - Vin is faulty

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Hello everyone. I have searched everywhere for the solution to my problem but so far no luck. Any input will be appreciated.

I have performed various successful Ex codings, however I am trying to code an e83 X3 using NCSEXPERT but I can't connect, I get a "Vin is Faulty" error.

In INPA both dots are black.

I updated the daten for the E83 to V53 using BMW Coding Tool.

This is a 2008 BMW X3.

Really frustrated and any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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For E83 internal pins 7&8 on the cable have to be bridged.

You'll either need to solder them or bridge them some way to code the X3.

You could also get a cable with a switch like That way if you ever need to unbridge the pins for E9x, E6x chassis you won't have to open the cable back up.

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First of all thank you for your quick reply.

Does it make sense that I can go into INPA and do functional jobs on the x3?

Also I thought that was for early model x3. This is 2008.

I will try soldering today. I have the cable from onestop electronics.
If you have the one stop cable, you should have the adaptor then.

If you can run functional jobs with Inpa & get a proper ECU list,

Go into device manager, select your cable & make sure the latency is still set at 1 and hasn't reverted back to 16.

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Funny thing, I lost the adaptor that came with the cable. I'll order a new one asap.

Everything else checks out, that must be the reason.

Thank you for all your help dstrickland, greatly appreciate it!
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