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E84.X1 sDrive18d with and without M sport pack

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Can anyone advise the difference between an sDrive 18d with the M posrt pack and without it?

The catalogue states exclusive colour, sports seats, special wheel, metal protectors on door bases, different front/back bumpers, different gear stick, different wheel design.. the catalogue implies a set of cosmetic changes.

But I suspect more. Got my hands on an X1 sDrive 18d M sport yesterday and sure enough, no vibrations in the steering wheel and the whole car vibrated less, especially the gear stick. I'd swear the whole gear box is different to our standard sDrive18d which has an awful recoil on starting the engine, something that is happening every few minuets in the city. Indeed, our X1 seems to 'rotate' a little when the engine starts, something that is far less pronounced in the M sport version.

The shocks seemed to absorb more of the general vertical vibration we have in the standard sDrive 18d but as soon as we hit a rough patch of road made out of pure concrete, the vibration was truly horrible.
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M sport adds:
1. real leather sport front seats (eg E90 sport seats)
2. 18" wheels
3. sport steering wheels (E90 M sport steering)
4. sport body kits front and rear
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