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The Trim strip, side frame, left and right (part# 51137117243) has fallen off, first the driver side, then passenger. It appears the mounting clips (attached car side) are glued to the trim strips. The glue is extremely weak and upon inspection of the passenger side, has also cause the trim to begin coming apart.

I was informed while at the dealer that this was not covered under CPO and was given the part number. The ease with which the passenger side trim has come apart has me worried.

The parts are approx. USD110 which also has me a little upset. Since the glue is not very adhesive, I feel this should be covered by BMW, or a fix offered.

Has anyone else experience this issue? Everything else on the car is so well engineered, how could something like this go overlooked? I am also worried that this will weaken the sealing properties of the rear door assemblies.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a resolution from BMW?

Link to part:
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