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My e90 318 2006 makes noise when starting up and driving slowly in low rpm. It seems that the noise is louder/clearer when it's cold but you can still hear it in warm weather but it's not that obvious. I thought it had something to do with timing chain but I had it fixed a few months ago and it did not have much of an effect to the noise. I brought it back to the shop two times. First they said the sound comes from outside the engine, from the back. I checked myself and it clearly comes from the front so I had the car re-checked. This time they said that yes the noise comes from the front somewhere but they could not locate it exactly and said that it does not sound abnormal.

My worry is that they messed up something in the timing chain operation and they just don't want to re-do it so they claim that it's nothing to worry about. I hope this is not the case, though.

Here's a video I took of the noise:

You can hear it briefly when the engine starts and then from about 7 seconds onwards. It does not make the sound while idling but when the rpm is raised slightly it appears but disappears when the rpm gets even higher.

Here's an image of where I think the noise roughly originates from (it could be one of the other rollers/pulleys to the right though, or something else):

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas what the cause could be? I'm going to take the car to a different shop to see what they think about it but I would appreciate any input you might have._a__a2_
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