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Hi All,

I've got a bmw 320i e90 2009 Lci model that has an N42N engine. These engines are common for value steam seal leaks. I've replaces the value steams seals on my engine at 200,000km and the oil levels are stable between the service intervals.

It got a starting issue when the engine is warm. If ii go for a drive which brings the car engine to the running temperature and if I leave the car on my driveway for 30minutes or more and then try to start the car, it'll hand crank the engine 3 or more and then starts the engine. But if I start the car the next day morning it'll start one but the ideal will fluctuate on cold start when it's trying to hold up the engine rev at high and it stays still after the engine is warmed up and if I break in red light while the car is on D, after few seconds the rmp goes up by 100revs and gives a small jerk.

The other wired thing is if i leave the car without a start for a 1 whole day and start the next day. It'll start and the engine will stall.

to provide a background of the car, I've put new solenoids. Brand new bosh spark plugs and ignition coils. Both the oxygen sensors are new.

I live in Australia and it's 320i
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