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E90/E92/E93 Rear View Mirror Radar Display

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Hey All, I looked for hours and hours how to install a display for a radar detector like a Bel STI-R or Escort Passport 9500CI, to no avail. Lots of people posted images of their final product, but nobody wanted to share how the install was done. So, I took apart my mirror, installed a 9500ci display, and got some images.
1. Remove the mirror by turning clockwise 60 degrees at the junction between the shaft and the windshield.
2. Use a flat metal or plastic blade to pry open the mirror. Push down the back part of the plastic at the seam. Start at the top and the bottom, and then work the ends open. Opnce open, disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the circuit board that is on the back of the mirror by depressing the clips that hold it in place.
3. Take apart your display that you intend to install behind the mirror so it is as small as possible. I took off the casing, the plastic lens, and only installed the LEDs.
4. BMW packs a lot of things into these mirrors. I have Homelink, the antenna for the comfort access, some security features, and the autodimming electronics. The only place I could find that had enough space for the display was the bottom left of the mirror, as you look at it from the front. So I selected this as my location for the display.
5. Cut out the frame of the back of the mirror as shown in the picture. I also had to remove a bit of double sided tape.
6. Use a razor blade to carefully remove the black backing to the mirror. I suggest first tracing out the black backing that you need to remove, then cutting it out. Extra removal areas will be faintly visible in bright light.
7. Fix the display to the back of the mirror. I used VHB tape.
8. Cut out a small amount of the back part of the mirror casign to make room for the display.
9. Reinstall the circuit board and electrical connectors. Run the display wire through the hole in the back of the rear view mirror case.
10. Snap the mirror back together. Reconnect the electrical connector at the windshield and put the mirror back on by starting 60-degrees clockwise from vertical, pressing the mirror on the hexagonal nut, and turning 60-degrees counter clockwise.