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Hi guys . A friend is having a problem with his E91 . And im hoping the good people of this community can help :)
His words below.

The headlight selector switch on my 2011 e91 318d touring got stuck in the on position. The switch still works but the round plastic toggle had broken.
To turn off the lights when the car was stopped I pulled the following fuses, number 84 and 86, 77, 62 and 7. the reason for pulling so many fuses was to turn off the dash board lights as well as the headlights for the night.

When i replaced the fuses in the morning and removed the headlight switch to reset it to the off position, I started the car and turned on the lights. The headlight height adjustment motors are running constantly causing the headlights to float up and down.

This issue persists even when the lights are turned off. The motors continue to operate when the car is turned off and the keys removed from the ignition.

The only way to stop the motors is to pull fuse 84 and 86 or disconnect the battery.

I have tried disconnect the battery for one hour. When I reconnected the battery and started the car the fault was still there.

The car does not have automatic lights or Xenon headlights.
The motors start moving as soon as the car is started. The lights are not turned on when the motors start.

Any help to fix this fault would be greatly appreciated.
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