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Hey everyone,
my 2009 328i cooling fan won't turn on and is overheating. After replacing the water pump and thermostat at first, thinking it was that, it kept overheating, so I replaced the radiator fan, and I came to realize that the fan just never turns on. I checked my fuses and it is related to fuse 92. Fuse 92 popped. I replaced it and it started to work again. After a few hours, the new fuse popped. I grabbed another fuse popped in it and immediately upon insertion it popped.

Any idea what it might be, some ideas I am thinking is

the connector to the radiator fan might be backward with the wrong + - sides connected? Not sure if this is a thing.

The battery power distributor might be bad?

These are just guesses, and I'm not sure at all.

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate any help :)

Here's a link to a fuse box sheet
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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