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EAC coilovers are not in stock...what should I get

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EAC tuning failed to email me back about when their e39 coils would be back in stock. I need to rehab my suspension by the end of the summer. The PSS9 kit is out of the price range, and I don't like that the cheaper billys don't have adjustable damping. Anyone out there who has any advice I would love the input. I need a decent ride but am willing to go a little/decent bit stiffer than what my stock sport suspension offers. I would like to keep the drop to around 1-1.5 inches below stock sport height, and still be able to easily crank it up for the winter.
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It seems like them did one run of those and then never got them back in stock. Which is kind of a shame because it seemed like they might be a very good setup.

Short answer I would say check out:
  • ST (made by KW)
  • BC racing
  • KW V1

These will probably be out of your price range, but you may want to double check
  • KW V2
  • Ground Control (their website says m5 only, but I know 540 guys have bought setups from them. I think they can do I6 versions too, they would just need to use different spring rates)
  • TC Klein

Long answer:
If you want adjustable dampening people seem to be happy with BC racing although as far as longevity I don't think they have been around that long. If you do get them I think everyone recommends the Koyo bearings (as there were complaints about the normal bearings I don't remember what they were). The Koyo may now be the default option from Tristan at circuit motorsports who I think is the preferred/ forum popular source for forum members for BC coil overs.

KW has a very good reputation, but you do pay for them and the V1s don't have dampening adjustment. I think if you step up to the V2s to get adjustable dampening they are going to be similarly priced to the PSS9s so probably out of your price range. STs are made by KW and are galvanized steel versus the KWs stainless steel. I think the STs might actually be identical to KW V1s except for the different materials used to keep costs down hence the lower price than KW V1s. If you run your car in the winter the KWs might be a slightly better option.

I'm not sure how knowledgeable you are with suspension set ups, but reading through this thread may be helpful. Especially DHoang's comments he always does a really good job describing things so even someone like me who does not know a ton about the technical side of how suspensions work can understand them.
cool man, thanks for the link. I am so bummed the EAC setup is gone as that was what I have wanted for over a year! I should have pulled the trigger back then instead of waiting for more of my rubber components to fail. I usually have a bad habit of collecting parts for a project and then selling the car before getting everything installed. Now I really need to weigh my options and I may end up settling for a simple springs/shocks/struts deal. Sucks as I really liked the idea of the coils...we will see.
I'm pretty sure TCK doesn't really have off the shelf stuff for us - I talked to a dealer for TCK that is otherwise a huge proponent for them about 540 options and he was recc the KWs. The ST thing is tempting, if you bought ST's and POR'd them for rust proofing the shells would last forever except not sure if ST/KW would warranty them if you sent them back all coated. Also my understanding is as yours, but AFAIU the ST's are usually very limited in adjustability - if you want the dual adjustable they usually want you to pony for the full KW V2...
I don't know what the coating is that you are speaking of. I don't want to junk up my car with cheap coils and it seems that I have no chance of scoring a set of EAC coils...not I am looking at shock/strut combos that are paired for this car. I also am gathering all the little bits. Anyone use any of the beast power bushings or X5 bushings for the control arms?
POR15 - google it its amazing stuff. Great for coating undercarriage parts, one of the best rustproofing coatings you can do. Super hard and almost impossible to chip too.
I don't know what the coating is that you are speaking of
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