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Early accidental lease termination and sales tax

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If a leased car is totalled before the lease term ends, is
the leasee obligated to pay the remaining sales tax on the car?
This is assuming a 0 down lease. Basically I want to figure
out if its a good idea to pay Tax & Title upfront.

Thanks in advance :D
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You're planning on totalling the car? Or think it's a high likelihood? :dunno:
I want to total my current car (Altima) ! j/k ..I am soon going to lease a 330 coupe so I was curious about various scenarios
in a lease. Do you think its good idea to pay off the Tax,Title and Registration at the beginning (but no downpayment on cap cost reduction which I know is not a smart thing to do).
I think it is general practice, and everyone here will tell you, that you should avoid any sort of cap cost reduction, but that you should pay tax, title, reg and fees upfront. If you are a current BMW lessee, you do not have to put down a security deposit on your next lease. Either way, if you have a little extra money kicking around, consider the multiple security deposit option. One is mandatory unless waived by BMW (for existing lessees), but you can put down up to 9 extra. Each one you put down drops your money factor (lease rate), thus reducing your payment. They don't drop the payment as much as a cap reduction of equal value, but the security deposits are refundable at the end of the lease term.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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