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Early OilChange Question

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I have a 2001 e46 which is almost 1 year old with about 8K miles. I was told that the dealer will do a 'low mileage' oil change after one year, but will NOT reset the service Indicator.

If I do this, what happens when the indicator reaches about 15K miles and I take it back? Do they do another oil change? Do they do the oil change and Inspection 1? Do they just reset the indicator? I can't seem to find it documented.

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Even though you only have 8k miles, they should reset the oil service light because of the age of the oil. Your next service indicator will be (and should be) Inspection I.

The only time you shouldn't reset the oil light when changing your oil is if you are changing the oil sooner than recommended by BMW. In your case, you are changing the oil as recommended, although your service was required due to time and not mileage.

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No reset of the indicator.
No reset even though this is a required oil change?
Looks like no reset. :thumb:
See the SI...

No reset and (as I was told), when the computer says you are due they will change the oil and do Inpection I at that point also even if its just a month later.
Just to cover all bases, the low mileage oil change includes a new filter...right?

Should they do anything else? The service manual does not cover the Low Mileage Oil Change.
Yes, they changed the filter (just had it done at 7k miles).
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