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We are excited to announce the release of VF Engineering's VF620 Supercharger system for the e9x M3 platform.

VF Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW E92 M3 to add to already superior throttle response and give wild mid-to-top end power (sport mode) with the centrifugal Vortech V3Si supercharger.

Maintaining the original BMW quality, smoothness and reliability were the key factors in the VF design. This is where the VF software comes into full play. VF have harnessed reliability of Vortech superchargers and quality of VF custom software with their 10 years of supercharging experience and worldwide OEM supply contacts to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driver's car.

The VF620 Supercharger kits retain street-like characteristics, instantly transforming your M3 into a track beast under full acceleration.

VF620 Specifications
- Vortech V3Si Compressor, in exclusive VFE Black finish
- 6.0-7.0psi manifold boost pressure
- 91/93 Octane compatible, no Secondary Methonal System required
- Textured cast-aluminum intake manifold with aftercooler cartridge preparation
- High flow Greddy Type R overrun bypass valve system
- CAD designed cassette-style slide aftercooler cartridge
- OEM front-mounted water-to-air intercooler
- Dedicated Recirculation System with High Flow Electric Pump and OEM-type reservoir
- CNC Machined T6061 supercharger Bracket, T3 anodized for strength and durability
- VFE Custom MSS60 DME Software, with removed Speed Limiter
- K&N Oiled Type Air Filter, with rotomolded intake tract
- Upgraded Bosch fuel injectors
- Silicone Coupler Hoses w/ Norma euro-style hose clamps
- OBD2 compliant for dealer diagnostics
- Fully reversible conversion
- Detailed Instructions
- 1 year unlimited mileage warranty

VF620 M3 Achievements
- Competed in ETGP 2011, results in upcoming Feb 2012 eurotuner issue
- Current 1/4Mi Record Holder - 10.69ET/129.38mph
- 2011 BullRun Rally
- Bimmerfest 2010 - Best of show
- MFest IV - Best Modified M3
- Numerous features in different Automotive Magazines worldwide, including European Car & eurotuner

Entry level VF540 (non-intercooled @ 4.0-4.5psi)Supercharger kits are in the final stages of development, more info upon completion.

All key components are 100% designed and manufactured in here the USA. Supporting components such as flow matched injectors, radiators and water pumps are all acquired from German OEMs. This system has been fully road tested and dyno tuned on both the VF Mustang MD500AWD and eas's in-house Dynojet 224XLC dynamometers with and without engine load.

VF620 Dyno Chart

Vehicle: 2009 BMW M3 Coupe
Transmission: DCT
Exhaust: Stock X-pipe/Mufflers
Fuel: 91 Octane

Vehicle: 2011 BMW M3 Coupe (eas Project M3)
Transmission: DCT
Exhaust: Akrapovic Evolution, 100cpsi cats
Fuel: 100 Octane


All numbers verified on eas's in house 224XLC dynamometer. Multiply by 1.18 to convert figures to flywheel values. Power output may vary from vehicle to vehicle and is subject to conditions.

On-site installation is also available. For those not local to our facility, vehicle transport can be arranged at buyer's request.

VF Engineering - Supercharger System - E9X M3

For a limited time, we are offering the VF620 kits at $12,510 (10% off retail) until Jan 1st.

Get your orders in now!

For additional information on the VFE supercharger systems please contact us via phone, email or view the entire VFE collection on our our website

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Videos & Multimedia

eas | One hot lap of Streets of Willow in our supercharged M3 - ETGP 2011

VF-Engineering's widebody supercharged E92 M3 driven at Spring Mountain Racepark July 2010 (early billet prototype manifold shown)

VF Engineering Supercharged Wide Body E92 M3 - The Smoking Tire/Matt Farah

eas | Two 1/4 Mile Drag Runs with our VF620 Supercharged E92 M3

eas | VF Supercharger & Akrapovic Evolution Dyno - 2008 BMW e92 M3

eas - VF620 M3 Supercharger Installation Time Lapse

VF620 Supercharged E92 M3 Burnout - VAC Motorsports

VF620 Supercharged E92 M3 1/4mi Pass - VAC Motorsports

VF Engineering with Adam Carolla & Sandy Ganz of CarCast - VF620 M3 Widebody (early billet prototype manifold shown)

eas | MFest V Highlights - VF Supercharger Ridealong program at Las Vegas Speedway

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Thanks for the inquires, all emails/PMs replied.

Limited time to take advantage of this introductory offer. Locals are welcome to drop by and see the system in person on our track M3.

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This is your last chance to take advantage of this GREAT INTRODUCTORY RATE!!!

Contact us today to get your VF Enegineering VF620 Kit before the new year!!!
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