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easy Q re: clay

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I've used clay in the past so I'm not exactly a stranger to it.

I finally did the whole strip/clay/polish (using Klasse AIO) on Saturday. I need to go back over with SG but I wanna ask this first before I do that.

After I was done, I discovered a couple of small areas where I missed with the clay. Do I need to start over or will the clay pick the stuff up 'through' the AIO? Obviously I'll re-AIO the affected area, but it would be rather a pain if I had to 'strip' an entire panel or something to get at a small spot.
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Yes it should; I use clay on the front quite a bit to get bugs and embedded crap off. After going over it with clay & tar remover to get it nice and clean I just put on another coat of SG.
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