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Do you get a nasty "clunk" when you try to accelerate?
Do you have vibrations under acceleration?
When you inspect your Guibo does it resemble a frayed tire cord?

Well then it might be time for a new Guibo.

The guibo serves as an interface between the transmission and the drive shaft. Since the guibo is made of rubber it acts as a damper when shifting and engaging into gears. This helps transfer of power to the drive shaft in a smooth manner, instead of abrupt and harsh.

Click HERE for E30 M3
Click HERE for E36 M3 S50
Click HERE for E36 M3 S52
Click HERE for E46 M3
Click HERE for E90 M3
Click HERE for E92 M3
Click HERE for E93 M3

Click HERE to Select your Vehicle > Drivetrain > Driveshaft > Bushing

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