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does anyone know if these modules (ECU, airbag with gateway module/BODY CONTROL GATEWAY MODULE) can be replace by another used part?
are they plug and play?
Or do they need to be coded in to the car?

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You will need to code the module to the car.
Thanks for the info
do you or anyone know the process that can help me?

From what I have research from the internet is; yes I can be replace modules with used ones, but they need to be reprogram with my VIN.
Has anyone use WinKfp to re-program modules with your car VIN?

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just for information.
I did replace the Airbag Gateway Module with used one purchase from ebay. Re-flash it with WinKFP and SPDaten v57, Code to default with NCExpert and reset system time with indy shop.

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In case someone needs to replace a module from the car it can be replace with a used one.
This is what I did and save a lot of money.

My car had a battery drain issue due to Alternator (Cheap one ProStart put on by previous owner). It was having picks over 16 amp instead of the 14 amp that it should. That damage my Airbag Gateway Module (Airbag Resistance Error) affecting Active Steering (was heavy) and Wipers keep on.
Alternator was replace with New Valeo.
Airbag Gateway Module Indy shop said was $1,200 programmed and everything.
So I told him No, let research on the internet, cause I read that others replace TCU with ebay used ones. Read a lot and purchase a used Airbag Gateway module from ebay ($97). Indy shop replace it and active steering re-calibrated and wiper back to normal. My job was to code my VIN to the used module, Code to default the module, clear the error codes of the module and start the system time of the replace module. I'm no expert, but I will share what I did.

INPA: UIF (User Information Field) Report
1-Open INPA>select your car model (E60)>Functional Jobs>F3 UIF
2-You'll see a list of all control units with their ZUSB number and VIN
3-Print to PDF the report.
4-Identify the ZUSB numbers without your VIN and copy from the PDF and close INPA

WinKFP: Edit VIN and Flash Module
5-Open WinKFP (Load SPDaten files google it)
6-Select comfort mode
7-Then click find ZUSB
8-Paste the number you copied
9-this will go straight to the right ZUSB
10-Then enter your full VIN and then click on done
11-Double check that the module your going to flash it's safe to flash with your cable and the battery needs to be connect to another power source
12-Click on update ZUSB (this will flash the module with SPDaten files and re-write the VIN)

NCExpert: Code to Default
13- Open NCExpert
14-Load profile -> Expertmode -> F1 -> F3 -> choose E60 from the list -> choose any module you want from this list -> now click F6 Back -> select F4 Process ECU -> choose Module -> now click ReadECU -> close the notepad window that showed up after the module was read.
15-Press F5 for basic functions -> Select ***8220;coapiReadSgGetFswPsw***8221; and click Ok -> Select F2 ***8220;job***8221; select SG_CODIEREN and press ok -> Press F3 Execute job and wait for the buttons to become active, when active it's all done.

INPA: Identification Report and Clear Errors
16-Open INPA>select your car model (E60)>Functional Jobs>Identification
17-Print the report to PDF.
18-Look in the SGBD column the module you replace
19-Clear (EM, IM and HM) Errors and Close INPA

Ediabas Tool32: Start System Time
20-Start Tool32
21-Select File->Load SGBD, Group file
22-Browse to the EDIABAS\ECU folder, and search for the file name based on the listed SGBD column. Can be more than 1 file.
23-In the Left of the window select systemzeit_lesen (write)
24-In the middle of the window Argument (value of) type 1 in the dropdown menu
25-double click systemzeit_lesen and done.

That's what I did and now I'm back to normal again.
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